This is going to be a long, boring, enraging, and painful essay, and I highly recommend that you don’t read any of it.
Now, I’m going to use the term “white people” in this essay. And by that, of course, I don’t mean all white people, every single last person. I mean a certain kind of white person, a mentality that exists on both the liberal and conservative sides. It’s not for me to judge whether you are the kind of person I’m describing in this essay. That part is up to you.
A funny and strange thing happened to me yesterday…

he daughter of two teachers, Becca Saladin has always loved history. Her love of history, paired with her talent as a graphic artist is breathing new interest into centuries-old stories.
It all started with Anne Boleyn
The first book her father read her was a fictionalized version of the Anne Boleyn story. Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s second wife, was a feisty and intelligent woman who quickly became Saladin’s favorite historical figure.
One day, she wondered what Boleyn would look like today. So, she opened Photoshop to see if she could bring her into the future. Pasting together eyes, nose, and mouth, she manipulated…

Yesterday evening, President Donald Trump issued 15 pardons and five commutations, including two for individuals found guilty of charges arising from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. He is reportedly considering a raft of other Christmas pardons — for sympathetic allies, for loyal retainers, and even for family members.
The prospect of a president using his power to protect aides accused of breaking the law is disturbing, but it’s hardly novel. In 1973, President Richard Nixon mulled over the idea of issuing Christmas pardons for his Watergate co-conspirators.
Nixon’s pardons would have been — and many of Trump’s pardons certainly would be —…

It’s important for Americans to recognize how close they came to losing everything. Donald Trump was perhaps the most dangerous politician to ever hold office in the history of the United States. When he was handed a dubious electoral college victory despite claims of foreign interference, he acted as if he’d just been named dictator for life.
Trump flouted the Constitution from his first day. He committed a litany of impeachable and immoral actions. Despite the blatant corruption of his administration, he had a very good chance of getting reelected.
Today, a lot of talking heads are claiming that our system worked…

Within the past two days, many in the President’s inner circle have begun to swing to the ultimate dark side, as White House staffer Peter Navarro took to Fox News to tell of an election stolen from Trump, saying that Trump should appoint a special prosecutor to overturn the election that resulted in a victory for President-Elect Joe Biden. He produced his own “fraud report” that he claimed detailed bulletproof evidence of fraud in the election.
Never mind the fact that the national security agencies in charge of it said the election was the safest in American history. Never mind the…

If you’re not slightly terrified, filled with a state of unease at the present moment, you should be. What’s so special about this moment, you might ask? One can only guess at what must be going on in the mind of U.S. President Donald Trump, as he contemplates his options. Over the past five years, anyone with a sound mind and rational thinking capabilities has been downright alarmed at the president’s autocratic tendencies, his complete inability to understand the basic functioning of our government, and his insistence on using the proverbial broad sword of the military where the surgical precision…

Imagine you’re on a flight in the middle of the Atlantic, suddenly the captain of the flight screams over the speaker that the plane is going down imminently.

What do you do? Pray? Cry? Laugh? There’s not much you could really do.

If somebody told you the world is ending now. What would you do? What use is that information to you?

You will no doubt have come across the headlines of Umair Haque. They scream at you “THIS PLANE IS GOING DOWN”.

Haque is one of the most gifted headline writers around. He’s also just a great writer, his…

Here’s a tiny fact. 300,000 Americans are dead of a preventable lethal illness. That’s more people than died during World War II — in less time. And still, there are even more, millions of Americans, who don’t appear to care. America is hardly a society pulling together like during a war, to fight a common enemy.
But rewind, even, to a time before Covid. If you’ve read my other articles, you know I often say “Americans make their kids do active shooter drills, just so they can carry their guns to Starbucks.” Well, there it is, in the picture above. Gun…

Now is not the time to tell people that a rare piece of good news is actually bad news, but allow me to be King Asshole for a moment, won’t you? Here is the good news in question: A few weeks ago, Deadline reported that Olivia Wilde was signing to direct a Marvel movie. Not just any Marvel movie, but a Spider-Woman movie. Marvel is happy. Wilde is happy. Even fanboys and fangirls, an impossibly prickly lot, are happy, or at least as happy as that strain of humanity gets. And why wouldn’t they be? Marvel makes good movies. Wilde…

Marriage: Love is the reason. Lifelong friendship is the gift. Kindness is the cause. Till death do us part is the length.
— Fawn Weaver
Who we marry is one of the most important choices in life. One that will influence the level of happiness, growth, and success, like no other choice.
I am at that point in my life where I know what I want when it comes to dating and relationships. I value honesty, compassion, loyalty, friendship, and companionship.
As I have grown older, appearance has ceased being a great priority for me. I mean, it plays its part but I…

Shannon F. Genovese

Another big part of what Excel is used for is pivot tables. Using pandas, it’s very simple to recreate — here are a couple of examples.

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